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Kjrsos Nature Retreat/Workshop 1 - First Steps/A New Start

Oct. 9, 10 & 11th – Friday 4pm – Sunday Noon


Natures Walks from ‘Quantum Wakening |The Joy, the Wonder, The Inspiration That is Life, on how to find connection and purposely choose what lives in our hearts.

The Search for Non-Existence from the Field of Study - ‘A New Beginning |We Start in the Quiet.’ Where the horses help us reach for that place where we are in a true state of pure being.

• Are you ready for your immediate online access to the book So That We Can See - The Second Beginning, the ultimate start to your Kjrsos Practice complete with weekly podcasts in preparation for the upcoming weekend? A heartfelt preparation for an astounding weekend.

'To access the book: So That We Can See.' just make sure you logged in and go to the home page open the menu and go to 'Instructor Program and Course Catalogue' then to 'Kjrsos Classes' and then to 'Kjrsos The Third Beginning' then to 'The Second Beginning' and click on 'So That We Can See | Chapter Reading.'  I know seems a lot. So here is a short cut, but before we give you the direct link you will notice the menu has a search function.  So just type in 'Chapter Reading' anytime and get the link!  But to go direct click here!



What you might be delighted to discover that once you are logged in you also have access to two links for each chapter.  Places where you create your own personal webpages.  That's right personal pages that only you and your Kjrsos Guide can see!  On of the many bonuses you will see pop up as you engage with us!  These personal pages are places where you can leave notes for yourself to look through later or perhaps insights that you think would help others that you have to share either from what you just read or from your own experience. It is important that you leave notes.  That you examine what you feel as you go through each chapter. Insights that come to you as you read along. Because this is more than just a book to read.  It is a book to Experience.

So That WE Can SEE

"This is a journey for a lifetime, ready to fill our lives with wonder in discovering what comes next, beyond what we can see and know and touch with our understanding and our hearts today."

It isn't about something. It is about what it reveals.









Kjrsos… transformation through nature/life - transformation through the horse.

“This will change everything you ever thought you knew about horses.
This will change everything you thought about life.”

***Those interested in becoming accredited Kjrsos Instructors & Guides will be accredited & can take their exams for these courses during or at any time after this course.***

Just a reminder that Horse experience not required for this introductory workshop. No riding involved.

Questions Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Needing to Set up Booking for one of the Rental Cabins at Ravenheart? Call Carol at 1-306-542-3557

Hosted by Ravenheart Farms - Located near Kamsack, SK
We Include Meals and Snacks with Accommodation Options
Where the Prairie meets the Forest 


Discover Ravenheart Farms

The Offerings of Ravenheart Farms

Kjrsos is proud to partner with Carol from Ravenheart Farms with this our premiere offering.  The space and the energy just says it all as soon as you step onto the property.


Accommodation Options 

Stay at Ravenheart! Limited cabin options but feel free to bring tent/trailer and stay with us and we talk late into the evening.

Built in the 1930’s, the cabin stay at Ravenheart is rustic, cozy, and modest. The cabins have electricity and are comfortably furnished with all you need for a “glamping” experience, including clean and comfortable out houses. Showers and meals in the main house.

Stay close by at the cabins and condos available at Madge Lake in Duck Mountain Provincial Park! https://madgelake.info/