Kjrsos is a different type of magazine, here to support the Kjrsos Principles.  We are therefore selective which submissions we publish.  Our preference is, first of all, to publish from accredited Kjrsos instructors or those in the process of completing the courses.  We ask that if you are interested in sending us a submission that if you are not currently taking classes from Kjrsos that you preview the Kjrsos Principles so see if you are in alignment with these principles.  This is important to us, as we want to help promote those who are on the same journey.  This is not to say we are not happy or willing to hear alternate viewpoints.  Challenges make all of us grow.  Kjrsos magazine is here for the riders of Kjrsos, a support system and challenge to their ongoing equestrians journey.

Please note that by submitting you are agreeing to our Terms of Service, including that you have the right to share the material that you are sharing with us, have obtained all property and model releases as legally required. And that you, in turn, provide us, with the rights to use any images, video and text as we will, including in promotion of the services that we offer, in film, through texts and our various courses and programs.  If you don't agree to our TOS, then please don't submit the material. 

Know that by your submission you are joining a community of extraordinary equestrians who have banded together on behalf of the horse.  Exceptional horsemen and women happy to share resources and experiences towards building a better understanding of our horses and our relationship with them, working together to build upon the knowledge we have today, to support the next generation of equestrians and the horses that join them on their journey.