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PIE Proto-Indo-European Language

Indo-European Languages

The following are the languages that were based on one language the language that some call Proto-Indo-European also referred to as PIE. As you can see they reached far beyond what we think of as Europe today. Kjrsos is the phonetic spelling of the word used for the word horse based on the word to run. Kers Kjrsos the word that came first. Before the word horse, cheval, pferd, cavallo, etc. A word that is a part of our common past.


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The various subgroups of the Indo-European language family include ten major branches, listed below in alphabetical order

In addition to the classical ten branches listed above, several extinct and little-known languages and language-groups have existed:

  • Illyrian: possibly related to Albanian, Messapian, or both
  • Venetic: shares several similarities with Latin and the Italic languages, but also has some affinities with other IE languages, especially Germanic and Celtic.[22][23]
  • Liburnian: doubtful affiliation, features shared with Venetic, Illyrian, and Indo-Hittite, significant transition of the Pre-Indo-European elements
  • Messapian: not conclusively deciphered
  • Phrygian: language of the ancient Phrygians
  • Paionian: extinct language once spoken north of Macedon
  • Thracian: possibly including Dacian
  • Dacian: possibly very close to Thracian
  • Ancient Macedonian: proposed relationship to Greek.
  • Ligurian – possibly close to or part of Celtic.[24]
  • Sicel: an ancient language spoken by the Sicels (Greek Sikeloi, Latin Siculi), one of the three indigenous (i.e. pre-Greek and pre-Punic) tribes of Sicily. Proposed relationship to Latin or proto-Illyrian (Pre-Indo-European) at an earlier stage.[25]
  • Lusitanian: possibly related to (or part of) Celtic, Ligurian, or Italic
  • Cimmerian: possibly Iranic, Thracian, or Celtic


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So Why are We Discussing PIE in our FAQ's?

PIE is the language that the word Kjrsos comes from.  An ancient language that there is no record of. A language reconstructed by linguists from around the world.  A language that was in existence when we first bonded to horses and began to ride.   It is in understanding our common past, the immense history, a civilization built upon the horse, the centuries of a relationship that still defines us today, that we can begin to appreciate how astounding how all of those connections through all the generations and changes through human history is a part of us.  

PIE The Sounds of the Human Past


PIE Listen and Imagine a World Thousand of Years Before Today

PIE Some thoughts on Pronunciation


While we don't know for sure here are a few thoughts on how some of the letters in PIE are pronounced.