♔ KJRSOS First Meeting

The challenge that we didn't realize is that every meeting is the first one all over again. 

Difficult to assess out of all that is in So That We Can See what specific elements that we now need to bring to our work with our horses or what should be the first lessons or clinic that you might want to teach. Not as an introduction to what Kjrsos is and what we stand for, but what are the most important elements that we need to start.  All is probably the right answer to allow every possibility but reality is such that just isn't feasible.  So then a very careful evaluation has to be made to determine what most can help, where do we need to start?

The horses are the front door.  A place we can come to and knock and ask for an entrance.

I think this question, "How do you create a Sanctuary?" needs another question first. 

This creation that we are trying to endeavour requires a space that is special, a sanctuary, a place where all feel safe and welcome.  In effect a sacred grove where all life including us just sense how different it is here.