What Lives in our Heart

The first lesson of what we can put in our hearts so that our heart space is something that the horse responds to when he meets us.

Best if We Can Raise Our Heart Space Before We Approach the Horse

The challenge to us as participants and guides is how and what can we do, what can we suggest, what Experience can we suggest that can help raise our heart space to a higher loving level. Find a place of sweet peace, of a gentle joy that we can bring into our heart and stay there.


Think of Every Meeting As Another Moment You Are Meditating

The barn is where we have those who understand who and what we are. Others that are instantly friends as we are bonded by our love of horses. So it makes sense that for many the barn and the arena is a place of social integration.  But that might work for you, but it doesn't necessarily work for the work you are doing with your horse.