We watch, encourage and expect all these changes. First steps, first words, first soccer practice.  Graduation from high school and then later college. Each and every year a celebration and expectation of what comes next. It is exciting.

And then life changes and while we might work towards the next promotion somewhere we loose our expectation that every year, we will learn a new level of mastery either in school or if you are an athlete over your own body. Instead we are working, taking care of others and while not for all, many of us I think forget our own evolution.

And in the process we stop working hard for what we can become.  What we have the capability of becoming. 

In some ways and in some things it is like we just finished grade 4 and we know the alphabet now and 2+2=4 and now we think we are done.

And when we think that, that becomes a truth that we fulfill. A truth that is dangerous and it kills the next evolution of us.

Every year is a gift.  Every day as well.  And of course each moment as well.  A gift, an opportunity to see where we take ourselves next.

As a child learning basic addition, impossible to imagine what it will be like to be solving quadratic equations.

As a child learning how to tie your shoelaces impossible to imagine that one day your hands could be possibly coordinated enough to play at Carnegie Hall.

And there is a very important point in there.  We cannot see what we can be, until we get there. But often we need someone else say there is somewhere else to go. Someplace where you can be more.  Someplace you maybe cannot imagine or fathom what is there, but don't doubt there is somewhere else to go.

Every year of your life is yours to evolve.  But your choice if that is the gift you make out of your life or if you ignore that possibility.