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Not everyone who takes these courses will become a Kjrsos Guide, but hopefully all will find this is of value and bring change in their lives.

The foremost responsibility of the rider - minimize the harm we do to the horse.  And so we begin...  

Not by taking lessons and starting right off by climbing on his back.  

Not even by taking a brush in hand.  Rather we begin here. 

In this moment.  In this moment of time in space.  

I am not sure how you ended up here, what led you here, but I think you are going to find it gets really interesting after this.

You have found friends, maybe in time a family.  A family who says Hello.  You've found us!

Together we are going to make a difference.  A difference that starts with us.  And together we will support each other.  Guide each other, and find a lot of humour as we laugh at ourselves, at the folly of what we thought we knew, smile at the warmth and kindness of others, delight in the other ones, the some ones who are the horses, and along the way we are going to learn a whole lot all the while knowing that the more that we learn, that there is more waiting just around the corner, just waiting for us, to turn around that corner and see it.  There is always more.  More questions, more discoveries, our intelligence, our hearts challenged every step of the way.  

And it all starts here.



Welcome to Kjrsos  




Our primary goal is to share the wisdom, the knowledge, the insights that this journey with the horses has made possible. All of this is through the guidance and the spirit of that which represents the horse and his gifts. By Kjrsos.  We were given these gifts by the horses so that we can share.  Share with as many as we can, to making a change in this world.  But we need your support, emotional, spiritual and financial so that we can continue and support the work that we do.  So we are always looking to find a balance.  A balance between sharing of these gifts freely so those who are searching can find them and using the gifts that we have been given by the horses to support what is, and what is yet to come. 

If your very first step of piaffe is perfection then you can know that all the pieces that went into place before, did what they needed to do.  Prepare the horse for the balance, the strength, the carriage of piaffe long before you ever took your first step.  

If the very first stride of a walk to trot transition, leaps forward, lifts gloriously into the air with a free, open and powerful stride, then you know as an instructor that you have put all the right pieces into the hands of the beginner rider.

Thoughtful Development means that we prepare.  We prepare our horses, our riders for success.  The more knowledge that we have, the more likely that we can make those first steps amazing.  It is when we struggle that we know that we still have so much to learn.  Any failure of the horse, is actually our failure in preparation, in development, in our lack of knowledge, a missing piece that we have yet to find.  

It can not be overstated how important thought spent in time off the horse is.  The time spent studying, analyzing, trying to figure it all out is some of the most important time you will spend for your horse, for yourself.

This is not going to be a walk in the park.  You may have taken lessons before, but nothing like this.  

This is not turn up for an hour a week and you’re done.  This is not sit on your horse and listen to what someone else tells you what to do for an hour.  You will work.  And you will work hard.  Lectures, expected reading, tests if you decide to go for our Instructor Training Program, written feedback, keeping a training diary, and more.  

You do have choices.  You can work on this on your own, at your own pace, with no tests.  But if you are signed up for any of the lesson programs, then this is going to be far different than you have experienced before.  You may have come to Kjrsos through your Kjrsos Instructor, or you may have come to Kjrsos online.  Either way, expect to be challenged in a way that you have never have been before.  

If you haven't already read Missing Pieces Abridged which you can find it here.   Some of the key concepts that it speaks about is that you cannot separate who you are, what your beliefs are, who you are as a human being and your horsemanship. Yes, technical knowledge is essential, but these are just tiny pieces of the whole.

Because you are relating and interacting with something that is alive. 

Knowing how to change the oil on a car, is satisfying but probably won't change you nor will the car be watching you, trying to decide how much to trust you, trying to figure out who you are, what you are. Your attitudes, your beliefs, your feelings have little effect on the car or the oil, or the dipstick or the other technical aspects of changing the oil in a car. And that is the point, this information, these pieces of knowledge while valuable are just technical aspects of horsemanship. A few facts that are only a little part of the whole.

Horsemanship is about more.

So, we strongly implore everyone to teach, learn this ethos as a whole. Not in bits and pieces. Do not try to be taking lessons from others who do not understand this system in its entirety or take that weekend clinic with someone you admire. Audit by all means. Bring questions to the table. Questioning is excellent. Challenging is wonderful. Working together for common answers is brilliant. Expanding and revising current concepts is what we hope will happen as this community becomes established and grows in the years to come. Sharing of your own personal knowledge and experiences is an incredible gift to others. "While at the same time we keep the integrity of the system."


The Cohesive Whole or Completing the Puzzle


There is no doubt that it is better to share our knowledge and available resources to everyone whether they agree or disagree with certain precepts of Kjrsos.

 All have to be given the freedom of free speech.  For there is a lot of truth that we often learn best when we are challenged and there is nothing better than when an interaction makes us think.  While it may be smoother when you surround yourself with people who agree with your ideas which is a very human thing to do.

Course Studies

It is through records and images and video that we memorialize our studies and the work of our students. Our understanding of the available techniques, software and equipment available ensures the appeal and viability and value of the work that we do.