Celebrating Life. Accelerating your journey of awareness. Of becoming a more fully conscious being.


Early subscribers will find that they become intimately involved in the discovery process as we explore together the questions that were found and the ones that have not yet been revealed.


Imagine working one on one with a facilitator who can inspire, guide and welcome you.


There are a limited number of spaces available and because of that limitation, we are not quite ready to take everyone on at this time and hope you understand why we have a form that we ask you to fill out so that we can be our most effective, working with those that we hope will augment the work already done. Later we will be opening up the classes to more individuals after we have a chance to more fully expand the material available into a form that easily digested without a working mentor giving you their personal attention.

In the form, we ask that you tell us what you hope to get out of the course, a little about yourself and why you think you can not only learn from this course but what you can bring to it that the rest of us can learn from you.


We are looking to work together with people who are ready to have fun, to be supportive of the other members of the class, who are going to take what they learn and be ready to share that onwards. Be aware that preference in all courses is always given to those who are interested in becoming a Kjrsos Instructor whether that is as riding instructors or as facilitators helping to raise conscious awareness based on our work in Kjrsos.   As such it those who have committed to the Kjrsos Ethos and Principles will always be our first priority. This doesn’t mean you have to become an instructor to participate, if you have the drive, if you are in a space and time that you feel this is for you, just let us know, that is why we are here.


Our work here to empower others, so that they, in turn, can make a difference in the world. We tend to be attracted to those who feel like they have a calling, a purpose in life, who are not willing to compromise, who understand the commitment of hard work while at the same time living a kind, compassionate, joyful life who are ready to make a commitment, become best friends, to be mentored and to mentor those who are a welcomed new member of our family here at Kjrsos.


You will find we will talk and visit and gab welcoming you to our place. To our space that is Kjrsos. I can be easy to distract and get off topic but will try my best to stay on this one with your help! I have a bad habit of going long with always more to say then there is possible time for. I am just giving you fair warning what you are in for! I am thrilled with the possibilities, knowing in my heart that every time we get together will be a thrilling moment of exploration, that you, in the end, will teach me as much or more than I will be able to show you. That together our energy will create new insights and discoveries into the work that both of us so love doing. I can't wait.


Please be aware that our purpose is to be a difference in the world and in that heart space over time we hope to offer more and more of our courses and resources at a discounted rate as well as taking existing material that we can offer freely online as well.   If we can't help you today, stay in contact and over time as more and more of our material is discounted, we can let you know when that is happening. It is always such a delicate balance deciding which courses and material that is used to support the creation of our ongoing work and services and the individuals that we want to support and trying to get as much of this material into as many hands as possible.


What you can Expect


At the end of this course is that at the end that together you will have a greater appreciation and understanding of the role of the horse in our evolving consciousness. That you own evolving consciousness will be heightened. That you have clarity on how you can continue on this journey of awareness and consciousness and perhaps some idea of what you can do in the support of a healthier world.