♔ KJRSOS First Meeting

The challenge that we didn't realize is that every meeting is the first one all over again. 

What makes this powerful is not the knowledge that rests here which is deep and covers endless categories. The important part is the inspiration we can help others find, so they find themselves encouraged, drawn to study, to read, to work hard for the possibilities that they sense here that rest within the spirit and the body of the horse.  Inspired, they find direction, they are driven to discover more, to experience for themselves the possibilities that lie here. 

We don't always see the magic that lies in the horse, the magic in what is possible when we bring human and horse together. We don't see the purpose, the intelligence.

First steps that lie in discovering how to find connection, connections that lead to a coming together between human and horse where the horse is the one that chooses that the human is worthy of joining within this herd of two. 

And that is the point that I think so many miss.  We think we need to train, manipulate the horse, make him do things to find success.  And the opposite is true.  It has nothing to do with them and everything to do with us. 

It is us and who we are ready to become, that everything is determined upon.  The horse merely says yes, you are ready or you're not.

But sometimes they will let us know we are going in the right direction, often they stand there ready to help us but sadly not seeing that offer, we ignore what is offered.

But that is not the point here.  The point.  The point is that it is us that need to change, to become what the horse needs for us to be for what is possible to come into existence.

Can you imagine a relationship where the horse chooses, says I want to be with you.

Can you imagine a time where on his back you feel like you are one while you laugh joyously, feeling alive in every pore knowing that you can celebrate all the power the horse has to offer.

A true partnership where two voices are heard, two that hear and listen to each other, as they create something more together then they can be apart.

They help us experience joy, peace and even serenity as we walk side by side with them as they experience the earth as they have for thousands of years.

First steps learning to become what we need us to become to make any of what can follow possible.

To have a horse walk up to you in the middle of a lesson and say thanks.

To have a horse with a bond so strong that like the rest of the herd, they despair when you are separated.

To have the ultimate guide on your search for a greater conscious awareness.  An awareness that changes everything in your life, in the possibilities that can be experienced.

Just remember this truth, it is us that has to change and First Steps is the start of that.



A change that start with us but that is helped by the ultimate guide our horses.

Please note that just like all content that is made available by Kjrsos, that everything that is here is subject to change as we consistently improve what is here in part from what we learn from you on what worked best for you and those that you serve.  Your feedback, your participation, your images and video will enable to take what is here and make it unstoppable for all of those that follow. 

The first goal of this the 1st clinic is to show you how to minimize your effect upon the horse.

Which as a goal may seem simplistic or possibly even silly or you maybe can't relate how that could be important at all. But there are two reasons. One to protect the horse from you. The second so that the result that you get is true uninfluenced by you in unintended ways and three to ensure the greater likelihood that you will not bring so much extraneous noise to the experience that you can't be heard or that you can't hear the message that the horses are trying to give you.

The second goal is within this restriction how can we ensure that we do everything that we can to make it possible that everyone that participates ends up with a powerful and meaningful experience.

So with those restrictions in mind, to date, our best thoughts are that we need to prepare the humans first.  But prepare them in such a way that we don't have to worry about them interacting with the horses. But prepare them in such a way that it accomplishes as many goals as possible.

What can we do that will:

Help you clear your heart and emotions to step away from any unhappiness, stress, or just sheer busyness that is your life on a daily basis. So that you won't bring that with you to the horses.

Help you bring calm and serenity, a joyful peace to your heart that you can bring with you when you first approach the horse for the first time.

Begin you with a practice that you can build on after you leave here, both with or without our help.

Introduce you to a new way to practice a daily meditation that perhaps better mirrors who you are and what you want to bring to the experience.

Because this is one of the most important things for you to realize that what we are starting is a new way of being.  We are not looking for those things that we bring once that you can say "Oh, that is nice" never to impact your life again.  We are trying to help you and those you serve find practices that can bring real significant change to your life. Practices that create real change and impact your life far beyond what happens here with the horses.




Difficult to assess out of all that is in So That We Can See what specific elements that we now need to bring to our work with our horses or what should be the first lessons or clinic that you might want to teach. Not as an introduction to what Kjrsos is and what we stand for, but what are the most important elements that we need to start.  All is probably the right answer to allow every possibility but reality is such that just isn't feasible.  So then a very careful evaluation has to be made to determine what most can help, where do we need to start?

The horses are the front door.  A place we can come to and knock and ask for an entrance.

This creation that we are trying to endeavour requires a space that is special, a sanctuary, a place where all feel safe and welcome.  In effect a sacred grove where all life including us just sense how different it is here.