So That We Can See - The Second Beginning | Chapter Study

Chapter Forty-Five ~ A Different Way to Meditate

There is so much to unpack in just this one chapter.


"Perhaps logical that with so much information coming in from the outside, it would be useful to be able to pick certain pieces for deeper processing, to give certain perceptions more attention, especially those that were more important for our survival. And so from perception, there came attention. And with attention, we have the beginnings of awareness.

A part of us that skips and glides wandering through an endless data stream not sure what will be important, knowing that not everything will be, but searching, always looking for what just might be."

"Over time, this attention strengthened and began to be able to have some control, It had the beginnings of being able to direct itself, and that is when we have the beginning of consciousness.

A part of us that can control itself, hear itself. But it isn't easy, and no matter how it evolves, it still can't seem to handle any but such a tiny segment of the data that we take in from endless receptors. And somewhere along the way, a connection is lost. Between this new consciousness and the rest.

And in at least in us humans, this consciousness is a noisy fellow, rarely silent, and we can prove quick to lie to himself.

Our conscious brains literally designed to explain our perceptions of what we experience even if it doesn't always know what the real answer is. And so if necessary, is more than happy to make things up along the way. A surprise to those scientists that study the brain.

So we can't even be sure that this consciousness sees clearly, knows truly, what he is experiencing. The brain wired for patterns tries to make everything fit. Something that can be difficult to understand. Why it would do that.

There is also another that speaks inside of us that also has a consciousness, but it seems not one that we can hear, at least not always easily. One that seems to have its own will, its own voice that sometimes does comes out. Many refer to this as our subconscious.

Strange if you think of it that we are so blind, so unaware of something that is us. And while this unconsciousness never has a voice that chitters away in our head, he can see, he can even act, and when he does our consciousness quickly explains these actions away as if this had been his choice, his decision to start with all. Never asking why he was moved to do what he did. Another surprising discovery by those researchers that study how our brains work.

Some think meditation is perhaps a way for this unconsciousness to share of his wisdom, of his knowledge because while he does not speak, he can see things, it seems that we cannot. Things perhaps that we have overlooked or missed.

To find calm in our lives, to find healing, to find new surprising insights, many depend on meditation or a form of it. A search for a quieting of the mind to allow another voice, another thought, perhaps another's thought to be heard in the dim of silence. And so we sit, waiting in the silence. In inaction trying to find... something.

When we ride we have a similar yet very different process, we look to find silence not in inaction but in action, as we shape our motion to the one we are with. We are still, silent, only to the extent we can perfectly match this other energy. As the goal as always is to be as if we don't exist.

We can then direct our focus, our attention, our energies not into us, but outside of ourselves. Losing sense of time, of self, of body, into another body, another self. We lose all sense of us, at least the us that has a corporal identity, freeing our mind in a very different way.

A different way to mediate. To reach out - not in.. to try to touch and influence a mind that is not ours. To be heard by someone that is not us. To learn that we can be answered. Perhaps one of the most important lessons that you need to remember. 'To learn that we can be answered.'

While this releasing of our consciousness, of our body, is one that is taught in many eastern philosophies, few of those give it any direction, any place to go. Instead, it can seem that they only intend for it to be in a place of limbo.

But this is not what we do here with the horses. We have learned the most difficult lesson of all that non-existence and connection, quiet and purpose can co-exist. More importantly... need to co-exist.

It is here in the differences that I learned a new way to meditate. A new way to find answers, to see things that I missed, not just on the horse but when I am off the horse as well.

Because it is different, I have a different skill set. Different from the very beginning. Different because we were challenged from the very beginning to go out!! This reaching out and what that means is everything.

Irony again plays a heavy hand when I finally realize that being with our horses can help us skip several steps of those who revere meditation. They quiet their minds hoping one day to find connection to a greater consciousness. To find connection to that which is outside of them. But they choose to do this by going inwards, accepting that a great deal of time has to pass before they will ever achieve what they are looking to find.

But we skip many of those first steps when from the very first moment, the skills we are being taught are about how to become aware of another that is not us. Where we are in a state where we are more aware of their corporal existence than our own. When from the very first moment, our experience is about awareness, focus and connection.

We learn to reach out to another to try to understand messages that don't come through words but messages that come through perceptions. Perceptions that we might not even hear at first and if we do, we don't always understand. Through perception, the ubiquitous language of the universe from the very first cell. Perceptions that come from another/others who are so different from us.

If we ride, we are encouraged to merge with this other that we call a horse as completely as we can, someone who moves about on four legs, not two. This is who we have to become. And it is here we reach for new levels of awareness, new levels of perception.

Part of the difference is because riding is about adjusting and playing while you are in a meditative state. We can't just sit silently, we read, feel what is happening in a moment of time and adjust, change us - to match that which is elsewhere, from someone else. Because in that moment, it is as if our bodies don't exist, we only exist in awareness of their body. Because this is what riding demands of us ~ to lose all sense of us. Because it is their body, their energy that guides, their energy that determines movement, not ours.

For those who work with the horses in the field, it is much the same, our awareness needing to expand though beyond a single horse. And much harder to do when we are not guided through physical touch and sensation. Although that is not necessarily true, and that is where just working in the field with them can be superior because sometimes touch can be difficult to minimize to a level where it almost doesn't exist.

And some who ride, who see a need, who want to help the horses back to health, send out every part of us into the other, looking for not only who they are but where they need help, where it has all gone wrong. We search always looking for a greater awareness of what lies inside of this new us. And if you are lucky, and if you do it right, in time, it is only their body you are aware of.

It is different when we are off the horse and not on. But in some ways, the same, as we try to understand through perceptions that which we have yet to understand. To be in a quiet state of meditation, freeing our minds in a very different way. To find within a sense of quiet, of peace and tranquility, the beginnings of connection to that which is not us. A gift they are ready to guide us towards if we are prepared to spend the time. If we are ready to take the time, it takes to change us.

But in many ways, this is antithetical to those who follow meditation. Because of a belief that it can only begin in the quiet. And in that, they are not wrong. Everything begins in silence.

The difference? They believe that the quiet can't have direction. That to have direction means to lose the potential of the gift of the quiet. And again, they are not wrong in that. Almost impossible to understand how in the quiet, purpose can live and not interfere with the purpose that lives in the quiet.

For thousands of years, the concepts of meditation have been a part of many practices, many having been aware of the possibilities that exist here. A practice that is augmented here with the horse. But different when we reach out instead of in. Different because purpose, intent, always does make a difference. Different when from the very beginning, it is not what happens only with the one, but more than one. A lesson we have begun to experience. An invaluable lesson that few can realize just how different.

So many differences.

Everything is different when it involves more than one.

Different when from the beginning, we look to connect.

Different when we have help.

The horses had taught me a different way to meditate. One on the horse and one off.

One in my first beginning, another in my second.

They are so different, and while it can be difficult to comprehend in another way, they are the same.

Outer consciousness, inner consciousness, subconsciousness, unconsciousness, other beings of consciousness, it seems we have so many different ideas on what that something else is that we can tap into, that we are, that we can be, that we can reach out to.

The ease with which so many find focus with the horse, where they find it difficult everywhere else, is astounding. I have a few thoughts why that I have yet to fully explore, but I do wonder again why it is so natural, so normal for us to do when we are with them?

Once again, they astound me with all that they can do for us. This is yet one more gift they give us freely.

Perception, this was the key. This is where I played when I played in the concept of now as I weaved forward and backwards through time, playing with multiple instances of now, looking for the patterns, looking for the answers that I didn't see the first time through.

I opened myself up to perceptions, and the ones that I needed came flooding through. A skill that began on the back of a horse but skills I could take back into everyday life.

Skills I began learning when I was in the fields with the horses, although I had no idea at the time what was happening.

I think our greatest minds are born with this skill or somehow develop it. To be able to focus a mind, to direct it, in places and spaces that the rest of us can't find, not as easily, at least. But know how to do so in a place of quiet. A place where we can tap into that which we cannot hear, tap into something that is not a part of our conscious perceptions and once we know how, direct it to that which we want to know more about.

My perceptions, my understanding that came into full being here in these pages, in the writing of them, only came to full expression, to my own understanding, when I took to the next level what the horses had taught me so long ago. Here there was a beginning. A beginning that finally brought me here. To find a different way to meditate. A different way to look for answers. A different to reach deep in a different meditative state and begin looking for the answers even when we are no longer together. Bringing awareness of so many things that I had missed. The patterns only now being revealed.

I thank the horses for this beginning, which I have come to believe has led me to one of the most powerful of all the lessons they have taught me. A tool I now use almost every day. A tool without which none of this would have come to pass. And, more importantly, something that we can pass on. Share with others. From artist to engineer, from writer to researcher, this is a toolset that none can afford to be without.

A potent, powerful skill set, a meditative process I refer to as Quantum Wakening. A place where I dream and remember. A place where we can skim the quiet and find answers where we never thought we could find them because they were not inside us to find. Some of you may have already been introduced to this extraordinary way of looking for answers. Maybe you are like so many other creatives, people like Newton and Einstein, who can find impossible answers in a mind that dreams, not needing to use the typical experiments that we think we have to in this thing we call science. Einstein found answers while sitting at a desk, looking out a window and in imagination and dreaming changed the course of science, discovering answers on the speed of light, on gravity, and so much more, just sitting there daydreaming.

Why is it that we don't spend more time asking how was that possible!? Why is it that the schools do all they can to stop students from daydreaming when it obviously is so potent and has so much potential. Is it because they believe that this only something an Einstein can do? Well, if that is what they think they are about to get a very big shock.

The horses started the process, gave me the basics, then the search for answers showed me a different place than I ever thought to look. How in a mind that dreams and skims perception in a different way many answers can be found. This is the power of Quantum Wakening."