The Kjrsos Contracts - Breakdown

A real commitment.

A Kjrsos Contract is a commitment to yourself, to the horse, and to the Kjrsos community.

It is also letting you know before even before you start or make a commitment to us ~ what we stand for.  What is important to us. 

Here you will see how we outline key elements that ensure that first that the horse has a voice and that we always protect the health of his body.

And then so that you can understand the commitment you are making to the community.

To join us in our First Level you don't have to sign the Kjrsos Contract.  But to post - you do, to move onto the Second Level you do.  So please don't post any images or text on any of our discussion boards or questions in any of our live weekly webinars if you not ready to sign.  It is not that we are not open to answering questions but this first level is dedicated to what is healthy for the horse and to retrain our eyes to what that looks like.  We discuss what is unhealthy for the horse at higher levels. 

Please take this signing seriously.  A commitment on your behalf to the ethos of the Kjrsos Experience.

"I promise to do all that I can to support your efforts, to stand with you and support what you are here to do."

That is one of the primary differences in our program.  We don't see ourselves as the teachers.  We know the truth that the horses are the ones that are the true teachers in ways that perhaps you can't imagine yet. We are here to support the horses in their efforts.  Help you see what they are trying to share.

We call it an instructor program because we know that is what people understand.  But we consider ourselves Kjrsos Guides.  We suggest, guide, but we know this has to be your experience. One brought to you with the help of the horses. And everyone's journey is unique.  

"I promise to listen for the wisdom and knowledge that you have to share and share it in turn with others so that you can be heard."


**"My job is to limit my influence and any impediment of my presence upon that which is him, that which is the energy that is flowing through his body... This must be true, from the very first moment he first senses my presence."

Our first job is to not limit the horse.  Something that sounds so simple and yet, in reality, is quite complex.   A subject that if you join us you will spend the rest of your life finding just how sensitive we need to be and how easy it can be to take the energy that is us and influence another.

Our first job because this is our responsibility, not the horses.  How is he to be healthy in movement and in his body if he has to deal with us first?  We must open up all the possibilities for him in every way that we can find. And the better that we do at that, the better he can share what is in him to share so that we can learn from him.

"First and foremost I protect the body of the horse because it is here that too often we lose his voice, it is here that the horse begins to retreat diminished, no longer caring to engage in a world that takes away any sense of him."

Which is why we include here the three First Principles.

First principles thinking, which is sometimes called reasoning from first principles, is one of the most effective strategies you can employ for breaking down complicated problems and generating original solutions.

This is where you break down any problem to key components that cannot be broken down any further.  Core components that you can use to build upon knowing that these are true.  This makes it more likely anything we add on top of this is more likely to be true because we have the assurance that the base is true.

First Principle: The poll is always the highest point.

Second Principle: The Horse Engages with His World when His Forehead is Ahead of the Vertical

Third Principle: A Long Topline

" I am ready to open my mind to possibilities, surprises and to my own potential. Knowing that it is reaching for my next potential that in the end will change everything including my relationship with the horses. Just as I honour the horse and all he is capable of being, so also must I honour our task to become all that we are capable of becoming. The next possibility of us."

"In our commitment to the horse, we commit to each other, to the students of the horse. Looking always to help, to support, never to diminish another."

Before you go any further please stop right here.

This you must take seriously.  Don't join us, if you are not sure this can't be you. 

We don't demand a lot. But this we do. You have to be kind, supportive, period. No ifs, no and or buts.  This is the one thing that will have us shutting down your account.

And we realize what we ask is hard. Really hard

We ask that you be like the horses and find no judgement in your hearts for another. 

No matter whatever they are doing, no matter how bad you might think it is, just trust that to someone else you are that person too.  Because none of us are perfect.  You are making mistakes right now, ones that years from now you will bow your head wondering how you could have been so dense. It happens to me regularly.  The more decades I study the more this becomes true. The process speeds up rather than slowing down.

None of us are here to limit another in any way and that includes unkind thoughts, let alone interactions.  And you may have noticed that I said thoughts not just words.  Because energy matters.  The energy that you give off, will influence what is here for the rest of us. 

But we know this isn't easy.  Something that we have to help each other with.  To not just act kind but to become kindness.


"If the answer to any of these questions is that yes, we are limiting him, then we look for another way, to interact, to be with, and if we ride, another way to ride, to train, to explain to our horses what we want to do and then we throw out all that which limits.

Because anything that limits the horse, in the end, limits us, often with unintended consequences.

Every question that we answer on what and what not to include in any of our courses, classes and articles goes through this assessment process. Hence we have a long list of don'ts. A lot of practices and pieces of equipment that we don't encourage because of how they will limit, diminish the horse.

Each of us must be willing to do the same, to learn to work without equipment or training practices that takes away the voice of the horse. We cannot bind his head down, or tie his mouth shut and think we are not limiting, not taking away the voice of the horse. Taking away not just his ability to speak, but to be.

We also have an active ever-evolving discovery program where we explore these questions, explore what is possible and with your help look for alternatives that can better serve our horses. A discovery program that can be just as much about us as it is about the horses.

This is part of the responsibility that you are about to undertake. To live and to promote against those things that limit."

"We have to become the person that the horse wants to be with."

If you don't realize it, these words are saying this is our responsibility.  'We' have to become the person the horses wants to be with.

This is true whether we are talking about your relationship with your horse or if we are talking about that concept of leadership.

Horses are alive.  They are not a machine and therefore who we are matters.

To think that working with your horse should exclude that which we have been doing for centuries is ridiculous.  Change who you are and the horse will react differently to the who you will become.  It should seem obvious. 

This is how and why the horse can be such an extraordinary means of change in us.


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"And so we also commit to doing all that we can to create the most incredible set of resources found anywhere, so the voice of the horse is heard and broadcast. Including humbly sharing our own process as we learn. Learning from each other's struggles as well as our successes as we explore what is possible with our horses.

Willingly sharing resources including the images, video, questions and answers as we participate in the courses, classes and lessons, our contribution for those who are on the same journey of discovery and for the horses that we love...

Please be aware that in our commitment we work together through Kjrsos to bring these resources out to those who are not necessarily of our community in a myriad of formats so that they too can experience the joy of what it means to work with a consciously aware horse and to help others become more aware of what is possible and in this way our hope is that we can further help all horses everywhere, all around the world, to have their voices heard."

So as you are probably already aware don't post anything that you don't want shared.  Don't engage in conversations with the Kjrsos Guides here on-site and think they will be private.  Our primary purpose to bring knowledge and awareness and share with all that can be helped as we come together, including the horses.