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Once you are enrolled the first thing that will happen is that you will be assigned your own Kjrsos Guide. New Kjrsos Guides will be coming online as Kjrsos participants become accredited. 

Your Kjrsos Guide will provide access to new classes as you progress.  They are there to reach out to when you are stuck, when you need help. They are in all ways a guide. Someone who cares about your progress, providing you with personalized support as you progress.

Personalized attention is key to the Kjrsos program especially online.  Part of how we get to know you and part of how we become a community, helping each other out as we go on this journey.



I have a friend who I love quite dearly, and I listen and what I hear is not what I think she thinks I hear. She shares the drama at the apartment complex that she lives in. A place where the upstairs neighbour has become involved with the good looking neighbour across the hall and how that has the entire apartment complex up in an uproar, after all, the upstairs neighbour has kids, and now they are running back and forth between the two places, and after all, that isn't what they signed up for. I mean, I do understand that when they came here, it was the understanding they would be free of kids stomping down the hall and barking dogs. I get that.

What we do here in a way is hard. Because we are trying to bring something into being that is not there before or at least often not fully formed.

We offer instructor programs for those who want to go on to teach others how to ride exquisitely from the very beginning and also for those who will never teach others to climb on a horse's back ever but instead see the possibilities that exist when we bring human and horse together whether that is in an Equine Assisted Learning or Facilitated Program or in a meditation or mindfulness program. The possibilities are actually endless.

Yet the more any of us learn, the more perhaps we can be surprised to discover how inter-related these studies might possibly be. 'Your choice' to what extent you wish to specialize in certain Fields of Study and how you may want to combine the areas of study available. Yet we may gently suggest that you consider certain fields that you may not have previously considered relevant. The instructor who teaches someone to climb on the back of the horse may see little value in our mindfulness programs, only to discover that perhaps there is more here than they ever realized and the instructor who is eager to become involved with an equine-assisted learning program may see little value in studying the Healthy Movement of the Horse and both would end up missing something.

There are a lot of reasons for this, but here is an example to consider.


As we and our horses reach for our POTENTIAL ~All the POSSIBILITIES are there to discover.

Always have a dream that is longer than a lifetime

These words were spoken by Mike Layton at the funeral of his father, Jack Layton.

Jack captured the hearts of a nation when this opposition leader wrote a letter on his deathbed to a country that he loved. But it is a letter that should resonate with everyone from all around the world. It was a statement for living -- for being. It showed a nation that yes, there are still people out there who dedicate their lives to trying to make a change for the better in this world. Jack showed us that when he knew he was dying, and he didn't retreat away from the eyes of the world, but instead, his last thoughts were for those he was leaving behind.


"If the work is not joyful & transformative... you've missed the lesson of the horse"

You've missed the lesson of life.



When we began looking for what to call what it is that we do, and who we are, there is no better answer than the word horse.  The one who has the answers.  We asked ourselves so which word representing horse do we use, the French, the German, the Spanish, the Italian, or..  and why would we use one before the other.  Then we discovered there was a language that came before any of them. 

When Life is About the Possibilities That You ALLOW

To take a hold of your HEART and your imagination

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Our primary goal is to share the wisdom, the knowledge, the insights that this journey with the horses has made possible. All of this is through the guidance and the spirit of that which represents the horse and his gifts. By Kjrsos.  We were given these gifts by the horses so that we can share.  Share with as many as we can, to making a change in this world.  But we need your support, emotional, spiritual and financial so that we can continue and support the work that we do.  So we are always looking to find a balance.  A balance between sharing of these gifts freely so those who are searching can find them and using the gifts that we have been given by the horses to support what is, and what is yet to come.