Our primary goal is to share the wisdom, the knowledge, the insights that this journey with the horses has made possible. All of this is through the guidance and the spirit of that which represents the horse and his gifts. By Kjrsos.  We were given these gifts by the horses so that we can share.  Share with as many as we can, to making a change in this world.  But we need your support, emotional, spiritual and financial so that we can continue and support the work that we do.  So we are always looking to find a balance.  A balance between sharing of these gifts freely so those who are searching can find them and using the gifts that we have been given by the horses to support what is, and what is yet to come. 


We also realize that we need resources to support all those that come to us so that they too can have the support they need to be part of this Kjrsos endeavour. A difficult task.  A difficult task to determine if this gift is meant to be passed on freely for all or has this gift been received so that we can use it to support the work that we do. 

We will always be looking for that which we can add to a growing body of resources being offered freely online.  So fair warning that you just might find that what you pay for today may be free tomorrow.  All we can offer in exchange is the knowledge and awareness if this happens that what you paid for, made a difference.  Gave us support without which we could not have reached a point where we are today, able to do the work that we are doing.

But please remember that if you need our support, just reach out and contact us.  We are here, waiting to hear from you.