♔ The Kjrsos Experience

Three simple levels.

1. Awareness

2. Potential

3. Possibilities


At the first level, we often think of those who join us as apprentices.  A time of quiet contemplation. A time of raising our awareness.

The second, is searching for the potential within the horses and those who come to spend time with us and these we think of as facilitators.

The third is when we are again the students looking to explore and discover every possibility, finally truly understanding the joy in discovering how much we have yet to learn, how much fun there can be in questions.

It is like the difference between a student, a grad student and a professor at university.  The student comes to learn. The grad student is in a place between, still student, yet ready to help in the classroom as well. The professor has knowledge, yet he is not a teacher first, his first job will always be, to be the researcher.  The one who asks questions, looks for answers, looks to see and share what others haven't seen yet.

1. Meditator/Student

2. Facilitator/Grad Student

3. Students of the Horse/Professor


So when you hear someone say I am a student of Kjrsos, it may not be what you think. Because each one as you can see is a student in some way and always will be.

There is only one teacher that we revere and that is the one that stands there on four legs and his name is Kjrsos. 

This is not the Socratic method instead this is the Kjrsos Experience... where through guided experiences you experience your own journey. Guided to grow, to evolve, to become something more than you are right now and to be able to say the same in every moment that is yet to come.  When you experience something for yourself that is when you know what you have learned is true.  That is when it will change you.


Guided to grow, to evolve, to become something more than you are right now and to be able to say the same in every moment that is yet to come.

Which will change your relationship with yourself, with your horse and others.

Which will allow you a reach a level of awareness that changes everything.

That will affect everyone you touch in your life.

Even if your only concern at this moment is wanting to learn how to ride better. Yes, we can promise you that. But we can promise you so much more.

And for those whose journey does not include climbing on the back of a horse just know the guided experiences off the horse can be even more powerful. 

But just know what comes out of this, comes from what you about to experience, comes from your insights along the way, and in part from what is inside of you already.  This is your journey and no one else can take it for you.  This is your adventure, your search for answers. And only you can answer where this journey will take you.  Because no one else has been on this journey yet.  This is yours to experience.

Thank you for sharing it with us.


We are just lucky enough to have Kjrsos, the horses, to guide you through it.  As their partners, as a Kjrsos Guide, we are here to help you hear their voices, point out what you might have missed.  Make you aware of the underlying lessons that have always been there.  And once you see it, you will be amazed at all they have been doing for us. And more, once you see it, you will see how much of a difference you can make as a Kjrsos Guide.  We know because that is what happened to us.  We've been through it. And now we want to share that with you. 

Just know that the Kjrsos horse is different.  Which explains why so many can have such different experiences with their horses.  The horse free of any impediment, an impediment that is usually us, a horse healthy, that can bring all of himself to the table.  And if that is not your horse now, that is where we have to begin.  To bring health back to his body so that he can begin to teach once again and have fun with us.  And trust me they do.  Don't be surprised to find them enjoying laughing at us, amused with who we are while patiently waiting for us to catch up to all they have been trying to show us for ages.