Kjrsos Meditiation Study | A Pilgrimage

A pilgrimage.  What is it? And why is it part of our human history?  And why can it maybe help you here? Is it necessary or helpful to take the Pilgrim's Path?

The concept of a pilgrimage has been a part of human history for thousands if not thousands of years.

Often associated with a journey to reach a place of significance, one where you expect something unique, special, magical.

A pilgrimage, a journey undertaken by someone called a pilgrim. From Middle English pilegrim, from Old French pelegrin, from Latin peregrīnus (“foreigner”). Doublet of peregrine.

But the meaning of pilgrim originally often meant foreigner. Which makes sense if you travel for a long distance when you get to the end of your journey you would no longer in a place that is familiar. You would be the foreigner, in a place that was not home.

What many miss is that a pilgrimage is different than a normal jouney, not just for the intended destination but it is the journey that might be just as important if not more.  

Also it is a statement to the universe when you are willing to take up a journey that is not easy, that takes a little effort, that requires that you leave what you find comfortable when surrounded by that. 

Your willingness to go on the journey starts something inside of us.

Sometimes the harder, the more difficult the journey the more it is a statement that you are ready to take on something new.  Also a statement that you are willing and there can be no more important statement this.

Rushing through the journey destroys any possibility of what can be gained in doing a pilgrimage. Yes you will have the experience at the end of the journey, but the you missed that the experience started at the beginning or had the possibility of that. 

Spend time in contemplation, in the quiet, in a quiet meditation.

Look around take in the life that you are moving through.

Stop, step out of the vehicle if you are driving and take a short hike, explore, listen to the wind, in the leaves, in the grass.

This might seem like such a simple thing.

Something as humans we seem to have problems understanding that it is in taking up what seem simple that the most profound things happen.

Once you understand the power of the pilgrimage, you will understand we are not necessarily eager to suggest that anyone who wants to create a sanctuary needs to be easy to get to, understanding as we do how important the journey can be if nothing else a time, a space, to clear the residuals that hang onto us from complicated and busy lives. To move from where you live to step into the space of a sanctuary requires that you first spend time working to move from one to the other.