Quantum Wakening

Helping the Conscious & Subconscious Mind
Find Each Other

Quantum Wakening
A Super Power

The subconscious mind sees what the conscious mind does not. The conscious mind skips and plays trying to put it all together.  Each has a super power different from the other.  When you can find a way to put the two together.  You find a superpower of your own.  Whatever question that you are trying to find an answer to, chances are those answers are struggling to be released but stuck because these two find it hard to talk to each other.

Handy If You Have A Super Power On Finding Answers

Focus & Attention

The conscious mind.  A noisy fellow.  Active, busy, hating silence, always worrying about what is coming and what has been. Looking for what is important.

The Bridge

They don't talk one to the other and yet both have something value to give.  The conscious mind active during the day yet disappears throughout the night.  


The subsconscious mind noticing everything.  Sees clearly without assumptions or judgement. Yet the conscious mind seems to not be able to see or hear him or at the least ignores him.

Who else would see the reflection in the sand of the sky above.

Kjrsos Course 
Quantum Wakening
Kjrsos Coaching Program 
Level 2 | Building Possibilities

If interested in learning more, in starting your journey with Kjrsos, in learning together what the horses have to teach us, and joining those who feel the way that you do about our horses. 

We begin with Kjrsos Online Coaching Program: Level 1 - Discovering Connections

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Thousands of years before... 

before the word horse ⋅ cheval ⋅ pferd ⋅ cavallo ⋅ Кінь ⋅ caballo ⋅ ceffyl ⋅ лошадь ⋅ Koń ⋅ häst ⋅ Paardrijden ⋅ cavalo ⋅ equus ....  came into existence - first,

First came the word Kjrsos


"If the work is not joyful & transformative... you've missed the lesson of the horse"

You've missed the lesson of life.