The Mindful Art


The Mindful Art ~ The study of.  So many times we forget that change can sometimes requires work.  Mindfulness work is more like working out than learning something new in school.  You can hear the words, understand the concept but that doesn't mean that you progress.  This requires time and work.  A muscle that needs to be built up.  And when it comes we have no way of knowing we just have to keep working on it and be open for it.

The difference between being more and doing more.  is the difference between a house and a tree. 

Course Studies


Every moment of every day we are presented with choices. Stay, go, do this or maybe that.  We make lists and race through them never stopping and asking which should I do next.  We never look with intention. We never look and try to see ahead of this moment of now which is better path to take. We have forgotten how to look for the right side of the creek.