♔ Quantum Wakening | The Joy, The Wonder, The Inspiration that is Life

This universe, this earth, life all are amazing and wondrous.  But sometimes with commonality comes complacency.  Those who live elsewhere thrill to the wild animals that exist in Africa, the awkward yet graceful giraffe, the lift of the trunk of the elephant between long tusks of ivory, the slink of the tiger through the underbrush.  We look, we wonder, we are amazed.  The brilliance of the parrot in being able to speak and solve problems.  Yet that creature that has spent five thousand years by our side, the creature that exists in millions all around the country side, we forget or have forgotten to be amazed by.  

We want to surprise, delight, amaze you with life all over again.  From the intelligence that resides in nature to the extraordinary concepts in quantum physics and the questions of what is reality.  We want to return the wonderment of our childhood back to you.  

Once you realize how intelligent a plant can be, hopefully forever more you will never again be able to not acknowledge that which lives in the horse.  Kjrsos.  

We have so much yet to learn, don't allow pragmatic inclinations to allow you to loose your wonder on what is life.  Because as soon as you do, you loose sight of the creature that stands in front on you waiting.