Kjrsos... gain an unbelievable body of work, a complete working knowledge of the horse that is unsurpassed. The level of knowledge as a rider, as an instructor that will be there for you, will astound you. All of this while giving birth and supporting an incredible relationship because you will know how to fully support a wonderfully healthy, astonishingly beautiful and a powerfully conscious horse. 

That is what we want to help you find.

It is our level of sensitivity and awareness that we need to develop so that we see the answers that are here to find if we know where to look.  

We are the ones that need to learn to have the skills to properly hear and then communicate.  No point in asking a question or giving a direction if you can't even hear the answer.

The responsibility and the possibility of everything that follows is on us.

Horses show us through experience the Gift of Connection

Kjrsos a lifetime devotion to finding the next connection, the next moment of awareness. 



Course Prerequisite:


These are Level 2 Courses.

The experiences and knowledge of Level 1 a preparation to get us ready for what is here. To prepare us to be with the horses. Knowing we needed first to have clear communication and awareness between the two of us. Looking to create a partner and to have a relationship with the horse before we climb on their back, in respect for them. Preparing us so that we are open to hearing what they have to show us, to learn from them in this next experience.

Our choice if we pick up their challenge. And if we can find the answers... you will never be able to look at horses or your life the same way again.

The Second Beginning preparing us for the THIRD


Next Steps
The Kjrsos Experience Level 1- Connection

If interested in learning more, in starting your journey with Kjrsos, in learning together what the horses have to teach us, and join those who feel the way that you do about our horses. 

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Thousands of years before... 

before the word horse ⋅ cheval ⋅ pferd ⋅ cavallo ⋅ Кінь ⋅ caballo ⋅ ceffyl ⋅ лошадь ⋅ Koń ⋅ häst ⋅ Paardrijden ⋅ cavalo ⋅ equus ....  came into existence - first,

First came the word Kjrsos


Kjrsos Field of Study

KJRSOS The Rider's Story

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"If the work is not joyful & transformative... you've missed the lesson of the horse"

You've missed the lesson of life.