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Program: The Study of Healthy Movement of the Horse
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Course: Healthy Movement of the Horse
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The Study of Healthy Movement of the Horse | The Horse's Living Back

There is so much happening here at any given point in time and yet this is an area that we don't spend enough time watching, observing so that we can understand how this is something that we must allow the horse at all times.  A fully mobile back is the sign of a truly healthy horse.

The back of the horse holds his weight but sometimes ours on this thing that we call a back.  But the back is part of a living entity and therefore we must realize is not like a chair or a couch.  What is here is quite different.  This living back carries and needs to be strong but more than this a back that hasn't been limited not only is strong but is mobile and even breathes.  There are levels here that few consider that they must concern themselves with.  Awareness of movement and a mobility that we need to allow for the horse to have a complete and healthy back.