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Program: The Study of Healthy Movement of the Horse
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Course: Healthy Movement of the Horse
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The Study of Healthy Movement of the Horse | The Inspiration of the Wild Horse

We have an incredible resource available to us that we should never underestimate.  We need to value this incomparable resource that every single equestrian can benefit from.  Especially if we put healthy movement first in all of our dealings with our horses.  The wild herd uncompromised, with an endless variety of terrain to challenge the equine body yet a body uncompromised by our mistakes.

The more knowledge that we have, the better our eye is developed to recognize healthy movement of the horse which we can only find for sure in the body of a horse that has been little handled by man, the gift of the wild horse is one that we should not minimize.  The wild horse is literally worth his weight in gold for what he can teach us. Things that horses that live with us never can.

A wonderful educational resource.