Questioning Perspective

To spend time online, one gets lost.  We hear voices strident as they fight for their beliefs, for the cause that means most to them.  Our lives overrun with politics or social media.  Endless music by so many wonderful artists. Movies that make us laugh or cry as we follow the life of another human and we empathize as we feel for what they are going through. Endless talking heads on endless YouTube channels, endless social media posts written by other humans.

While they may speak of the danger of climate change it often is in regard of lives or property lost, and the ones we usually are counting - are other humans.

The person who shares the news online, human.

The person posting on Instagram, human.

The person singing, human.

The comments left, by other humans.

Not that nature doesn't appear, it does, but not often and it never speaks directly, it is always through the eyes and voice of a human. Telling you what they think. 


So in effect, this is saying that depending on which monkey you are, changes your reality, changes what you see and what causes an event to happen. Is that what this is saying? Perspective always means everything to the reality that you are in.