♘ The Experience of So That We Can See

As you read through the book, 'So That You Can See ~ The Second Beginning' on every chapter page you have two links to create your own personal webpages.  One for your own personal notes as you read through each chapter, the second link are for personal notes as well but ideas that you think would be great to share with the community.  Your purchase of your online access to the book not only gives you access to the book itself but also your own personal webpages that are private to you and your Kjrsos Guide of course, as well!  You get to make this website personally yours with your own private pages. 

As always just remember the ethos of Kjrsos that we are here to make a difference and help everyone that we can together as a community, so anything you post could end up in an article in the magazine, in a class or in a public video if we think the educational value could really help others. While the webpages are private there is no assumption of privacy if we see something brilliant. Together creating an incredible resource and doing all we can to help both horses and humans everywhere.

"I know you weren't there so you can't experience these stories the way I did. But I hope in the words that I have found, that in the reading if you try, this can become as real to you as it is to me. I think you will find the reading of the story will be far different if you take time to gently let your eyelids close, breathe in deep, and just experience what it would be like to be there.  Your mind is an amazing thing.  See if you can spend a few moments after each new story and let your mind see, feel, taste the air, as if you were there.  See how real you can make it."



The book meant to be savoured.. to read a chapter or two... spend a little or maybe a lot of time thinking, look for your own inspiration, knowing that you have insights to share as well. Maybe write down a few notes and think upon those as you go to bed and then pick up the book again the next day and see if you can find resonance in the next few chapters waiting to be read.

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