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We are here to serve. To serve & support you and the horses. Check out our bursary program  if you need a different price point.  We don't want anything to stop you from finding the joy & fulfillment we can find when we are doing what is in us to do.  Finding and fulfilling our true life's purpose. 

If this is that for you, we will do all we can to help you in every way we can. Whether that is in time, energy, or any other kind of support that you need. Because we have found our life's purpose and that is to help the horses.  Help the horses - help you - find the brilliance that is you inside. 

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Thousands of years before... 

before the word horse ⋅ cheval ⋅ pferd ⋅ cavallo ⋅ Кінь ⋅ caballo ⋅ ceffyl ⋅ лошадь ⋅ Koń ⋅ häst ⋅ Paardrijden ⋅ cavalo ⋅ equus ....  came into existence - first,

First came the word Kjrsos


"If the work is not joyful & transformative... you've missed the lesson of the horse"

You've missed the lesson of life.