Does This Resonate?


"If the work is not joyful & transformative... you've missed the lesson of the horse"

You've missed the lesson of life.



As soon as we are in their presence, they are aware.

And aware they respond.


"These horses [running free] are so incredibly alive. 

Their sensitivity, their awareness, their openness to being aware, connected to everything is so invigorating, even inspiring. I think that is why I feel so incredibly connected to life and nature when I am with them here along the lakes, but sadly the opposite is so true when I am with other horses.  It breaks my heart how shut down they are in comparison.  How turned off they are. It actually hurts to be around them sometimes. 

But change is possible.  

One rider astounded with what these new ways of working with her horse has done for her horse, stood in the center of the arena watching her horse moving forward in an invigorating bold trot, and began softly crying, tears quietly coursing down her face and said softly into the silence as we watched: "He has come alive!"  


 "Always have a dream that is longer than a lifetime,"  

"Be loving, be hopeful, be optimistic. Together we can build the world of our dreams."

"Don't let anyone tell you it can't be done."


These are words that speak directly to my heart and the work that we are trying to do here.

All my life, I have heard the words that "it can't be done."

But sometimes the trying is more important than the achieving. Sometimes something is so important that not to try, is wrong somehow.

Maybe it can't be done, maybe there are things that take longer than a lifetime. Sacrifices have to be made, endless hours of work that are required, but if there are enough people who are part of the dream things can happen.