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Why the Warnings

It might seem silly to have a section called warnings.  As if we are trying to scare you off.  I mean if you are selling anything that makes absolutely no sense.

But this is our attempt to make you stop and wonder if this is what you really want to be a part of.  While we have set up our courses on a monthly basis with no long-term commitment, we want to be upfront in the commitment and what we stand for.  

The journey ahead can be amazing and wonderful and we want to share that with everyone.  But this might not be where you are on your own journey right now.

How Much Work is This Going to Be?

An interesting question.  How much work is this going to be? 

Maybe the question should be how much work do you want this to be?

We've worked hard to help make this fit into most people's lives.  To go as quick or slow as they want.  Space to take a break if life interrupts. Opportunities to take each course as many times as you want. Yet at the same time provide opportunities to stretch beyond.  Extra material for those who want to dig deeper, who can't get enough.  Who want to breathe, learn, talk about horses 24/7. 

We've worked really hard to make this work, no matter what life is  asking from you right now. Make it work for everyone no matter how intensely you want to dive in.

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After Reading the Book

Do you want to take this delightful yet crazy journey with us? Learn how to live a life of possibilities and discovery. How to maybe bring that into other lives that are not ours but share this world with us? To take this journey with us, if only for a little while?

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We Start With The Basics

You want to help others.  Yes you are just beginning your journey and you know you have a long way to go, but it is the excellence in basics where almost all answers can be found.  If this foundation, this base is incorrect, so much more will be of issue.  Your choice to discover how incredible it is to help others through an Equine Facilitated Mindfulness Program or how to help create an incredible relationship between human and horse or, if you want to understand how to establish a healthy foundation for those that want to discover what it is like to ride like a centaur, or all of the above, Level 1 is the start of all of that.  Eyes on the ground who know what to look for can be invaluable.  You can be the mentor/guide that can make a difference because you can give others a base that is true.

Your studies will be augmented with additional courses on teaching and you become part of a community that is bound together, by their love of horses, supporting each other, excited about becoming part of a community that is looking to build more and more resources as well as adding to the body of the work that is equestrian knowledge that is available today.


So What Can I Expect

We can't really tell you that, because everyone has their own journey of discovery.  And because it is yours to discover, you need to experience it for yourself.

It all starts with the horse.

Beautiful enigmatic, smart, and waiting so incredibly patiently for you to figure it all out.

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Warning: What You Pay for Today Might Be Gone Tomorrow

We are here sharing the wisdom, the knowledge, the insights that this journey with the horses has made possible. Coming through the guidance and the spirit of that which represents the horse and his gifts.

By Kjrsos. 

We were given these gifts by the horses so that we can share.  Share with as many as we can, to making a change in this world.  Delightfully inspired and supported by our fellow travelers, all of us learning together along the way.

And that is just the point.  We are fully aware that we are constantly learning.  More importantly need to be open to constantly look at what we think we know, realizing full well that there is so much yet for us to learn yet.  A constant evolution.

So... it makes sense that,

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Teachable and Reachable

What we do here in a way is hard. Because we are trying to bring something into being that is not there before or at least often not fully formed.

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We Want To Make This Difficult

We want to make this difficult.  We want to discourage you.

Which probably makes no sense.


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