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If you can Impact a Life

"If you can impact a life -
You can impact the world."

Kjrsos is here to impact your life...

And this is where it starts.


Where to Start

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And Here We Begin

The foremost responsibility of the rider - minimize the harm we do to the horse.  And so we begin...  

Not by taking lessons and starting right off by climbing on his back.  

Not even by taking a brush in hand.  Rather we begin here. 

In this moment.  In this moment of time in space.  

I am not sure how you ended up here, what led you here, but I think you are going to find it gets really interesting after this.

You have found friends, maybe in time a family.  A family who says Hello.  You've found us!

Together we are going to make a difference.  A difference that starts with us.  And together we will support each other.  Guide each other, and find a lot of humour as we laugh at ourselves, at the folly of what we thought we knew, smile at the warmth and kindness of others, delight in the other ones, the some ones who are the horses, and along the way we are going to learn a whole lot all the while knowing that the more that we learn, that there is more waiting just around the corner, just waiting for us, to turn around that corner and see it.  There is always more.  More questions, more discoveries, our intelligence, our hearts challenged every step of the way.  

And it all starts here.



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