❧ Equine Facilitated Living in the Every Day

The Equine Facilitated Awareness Living in the Every Day Program. A practice incorporating Kjrsos, the horse who as a teacher, guide, mentor, and healer for us humans, amplifies what is possible.  Makes easy what seems improbable. With the horses at our sides, we learn the beauty and the healing of how to learn how Living in the Every Day, centers, calms and brings serenity and joy into our lives.

So how do you do that?  How do you live a life where inspiration, joy, peace, fill you up each and every day.  That was the challenge.  And so a new journey began.

This is where we want to live.  Enjoying the beauty found in life.  Thankful for having that in our lives.  Living in gratitude and joy and yes a form of love and deep appreciation for all living beings.

There has long been a debate on the influence of violence in video games and in the media we consume.  And this is not what we are about to address.  At least not in that we are advocating for or against.  Although to some it may seem so at first.  

But speaks instead into what we want to be able to bring in from outside of ourselves and speaks to what we want to find inside and how the two relate.

I was brought up to believe that success was to be found in

 I came to understand that it was in many ways this was my choice, my decision. 

 Easy though to say, more difficult to live. 

We started this conversation pages ago talking about video games and a point that I wanted to make.  A realization that I have come to realize as I spend many more hours not working then working as I try to find the inspiration, the joy, so that I can do this next job that I have accepted.  And the realization is that if I don't want thoughts of negativitly, of violence, of harsh thoughts, silent ruminations of what I could have said if only I had thought of it at the time, then I have to be careful to what I allow to exist in my days.


And I realize I want that.  I want to wake up with a smile on my face, with my heart filled with the joy and beauty and wonderment of what I know life is. Or at least meant to be. 


And maybe for the first time I understand in my heart why the hermit climbs to a place to be alone, those who choose to go through a time of silence, why there are abbeys and nunneries.  Because when searching for what can be, it helps if

Further Studies

The essence of photography - to capture moments in time, the practice can help us develop our ability to live in a moment in time, to live in the now.  It can help us center ourselves in a very unique way.  It can also center ourselves on details that we would otherwise miss becoming an invaluable tool.  It can bring us closer to nature.  Can raise our awareness to the beauty that surrounds us everywhere, can bring us back to what is around us, that we too often miss. It can bring us closer to the world around us.  Bring us closer to nature. Becoming a discipline all of its own helping us bring us closer to our horses.  At the same time, the skills you learn through Kjersos can make you become a better photographer as you will be able to get shots that you never believed possible, allowing you access that would never otherwise be yours.

Photography bringing you closer to your horses < It goes both ways > Kjersos, helping you become closer to becoming the photographer you can be.