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The question of which brain I am living in is something that I have been asking myself a lot lately. Knowing that I want to make the choice to live where the decisions, the choices I make are not for what I think is for me, but is for that which is. For that which I am guided to do. So I can fulfil the purpose that I am to fulfil. So the universe sent me this.

If we accept Einstein's hypothesis that all time exists all the time in a geometric shape; and if we accept that the concept of past and future is arbitrary that time can flow in either direction; and if we accept that just as the past influences the future, therefore if time flows in both directions we have to accept that the future influences the past, then we can view time like a recursive algorithm, flowing back and forth creating changes along the way. But the universe in that moment before that change is real and in some time and in some place still exists. While this universe has defined itself created itself in those moments of creating those influences, those changes back and forth through time, keeping some things, throwing other things out and changing other things creating its version of a unified whole. I would like to suggest that each of those universes before the changes is still real, still exists and in essence is the muliti-verse realized. That this universe created the others both in the future and in our past as it created itself.


Inspiring to know that efforts are being made by the Conservation Coffee Project working in connection with the farmers to preserve wildlife habitat. The project thus far has resulted in more than 180,000 hectares of habitat being protected.

We can do this!

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