The Horses

Any Equine Facilitated Learning Program can only exist because of the horses. This work incorporating Kjrsos, the horse who as a teacher, guide, mentor, and healer for us humans, amplifies what is possible.  Makes easy what seems improbable. With the horses at our sides, we learn the beauty and the healing of how to learn how to become what is possible inside of us.  Finding the joy and the harmony, the beauty and the connection, the belonging to what we are a part of.  But this work is not for all horses, and they must be allowed to choose.  And it is important for us to support them, to be responsible for their emotional well-being and help and support them with the job that they have taken upon themselves. In here lies the seeds of the success of any program.  

But more than this we have to be aware of the difference between the conscious and the unconscious horse and how to heal those that have lost that part of themselves.  After all that is our responsibility but more than that we can't expect the unconscious horse to be a healer, to fulfil his destiny as a guide to that which we don't seem to be aware of.  It is here perhaps that we can do the most good brining the unconcious horse back to health and return to a state of conscious awareness.

The horse is the key component.

These guides that we refer to as Kjrsos.

Whis is why we have an entire section devoted to the horse.  How to know, how to choose which horses can best help those humans who are willing to begin to explore the possibilities that they unveil for us.

How to find the right horses that are capable of being the quides that we need.  How to know if the horses that you have are the most qualified.

If in the end we acknowledge that the horses are the true teachers and guides.  Then it is up to us who proport that we offer these services to the public to provide the best teachers, the best guides.  It is our sworn duty to support those horses whose lives are dedicated to this task.  Help put them in a space where they can achieve what they have come to this earth to do. 

All of us are unique. Human and horse.  All of us have our strengths and weaknesses.  All of us, human and horse have had experiences that can have made us weaker or stronger.  Not every human will find this easy. Not every horse has the same abilities.

Not every human is meant to be a guide and neither is every horse.  Those that are, sometimes never get to achieve their true purpose as too many facilities have no concept of how to assess which horses have this as their true purpose and have no sense that this is in part why they are an important part of this.  That one of the biggest responsibilities is to bring the right horses into their programs. To bring the right horses together with the right people.  

Yes to some degree all are guides. But degrees matter. Especially if you advertise yourself as an Equine Facilitator.   It becomes your responsibility to understand and know the difference.  To know the differences between horses that come into your life, for you, or those horses who sadly are so damaged by their own experiences that they no longer can help themselves let alone us, or those horses who themselves have not quite yet completed their own journies and those horses whose deep wisdom are here to be the real masters of what is to come. Of what they are able to do for us.

Projection or reading, it matters not.  What matters is what the horses feel emanating from your heart, from that which reflects your thoughts.

I don't know if it is because we need to find again the joy of our youth in the sheer joy of living or if it is because we have to match them, but quiet and peace alone isn't what will make them accept us.  

They need to feel happiness, a serene joy in being here in this moment.  With them.  It is only then that you can be accepted.

There are some that think to use the horse in a facilitation program is to use them to help to share in the hurt and pain in our hearts.  But to ask a creature of extreme sensitivity and empathy to take on our pain is wrong.  Wrong at so many levels.  Cruel even in a way to ask them to take that on.  To take that into their hearts. Yes, a burden shared is often halved.  There is a great truth in that and no burden should be born alone.  But as an empath I do have to say that a pain shared, a burden lifted, only because another takes it on, takes it onto themselves and bears that burden with you.  For all the wonders of the horse, they too have their limitations.  Children of nature, children of delight, mischevious fairies in an altered state, they struggle to hear, to see what is dark.  And in the struggling shove away that which is so contrary to what and who they are. Their job is to teach us how to connect in serenity and joy with all that is.  

Their job is to measure, to let us know when we have found our way.  To help us be aware, to calibrate that which emanates from us so that we can match the harmonies of nature, the harmonies of life. So we can be part of that song once again.