Just know what comes next won't work if you haven't followed the directives already given.

No alarm clock. That's number one. No, tell my brain I need to get up at 6 am.

With our internal clocks, yes, we can do this, but that is going to make what we need to happen so much harder, so try not to do that either. We need to allow the brain the time it needs to rest, to connect, to clean, to experience without the endless chatter that is us when we wake up.

Now that doesn't mean if Fido wakes you up saying I need to go outside, or your own restless bladder says I need to take a trip to the bathroom, that you can't try to go back to bed afterwards and try to again find a mind that drifts as if it is still half-asleep. A little tip, often, the best way is to actually allow yourself to drift back to sleep if only for half a minute and wake up gently once again.

The key here is gentle. We want to be in that place where we drift. That place where we are still half asleep. The place where we dream. The place we can sometimes find when we gently wake up but our mind still half dreams.

Our thoughts jumble, and in some ways, what comes next makes no sense. That place where it is easy to drift back to sleep. This is about wakening, and there is no wakening if there is no sleep. Sleep has to always be on the edge of this.

And at this stage, if all that your brain wants is to drift back in and out of sleep, then that is a wonderful place to be.