These chapters you may have noticed are exceeding short. Short by intention hoping to encourage you not to rush. Hopefully, encouraging you to work one step at a time to develop what is possible when you learn 'Quantum Wakening.'

You've hopefully reached a point where certain points, certain words seem important, certain insights you want to capture.

I find myself it is best to try to quickly capture on paper only one or two and never more than three. I have no idea why that is the magic number.  But it is, it seems. Try to go for more than three and something is always lost.

And hopefully, by now, you have learned how to return to the state back where you are half asleep. Hopefully, you will have reached a time when this won't wake you up.

Reaching too soon to grab one of these insightful thoughts can bring us out of this half-conscious state and make it difficult to learn how to return or stay there, and this is a critical part of what we need to be able to do first, long before we try to grab those thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere.

We need to discover the ability of how to swim up into consciousness and sink back down again. Without that possibility, it is impossible to do what is possible in what can happen next.