So now, it is time to start the experience that is Kjrsos. The Kjrsos Experience, 'So That We Can See.'

There are many different ways that you can proceed as always the choice is yours as only you can know what is best for you and your own personal journey.

You may find that for you, quantum wakening doesn't seem to do what it can do for others, and that is fine. It isn't an easy gift to find, and you may need more assistance than what we have given here.

Trying to condense as much as possible so that you can start your journey with the book 'So That We Can See.' sooner rather and later there is so much we have left out. In no way do we expect that with a few lines, this is a skill that you can develop instantly just by reading. Our hope more that with this beginning that your experience of 'So That We Can See.' can be augmented in the way we believe it was meant to be.



So if you have problems, it is likely one of two things, but probably you just need more time or need to delve deeper. We are working on a full course separate from this book because we understand the impact this can have on those looking for answers. When you can open up the path between the conscious and subconscious, it is amazing what appears.

But we are not unaware that it might help to have the support of an active coach and guide to help you realize and create the changes that you need to find new access to the answers that are there held in your subconscious mind just waiting for you to find them. This can be hard the conscious mind we know can run around lying to itself and miss endless details because its job is one of focus to be aware of that which might impinge upon our survival. The one who sees everything is the one that, for most of us, is completely silent, perhaps frustrated in being unable to communicate to that which it has the answers to.

As you begin to read, 'So That We Can See', we have given you two places to share your thoughts and your own experiences. The one for private notes, the other for us to share. Note we welcome video, voice recordings as well. Just know that the link asking for your Insights to Share we do view as material to help others on the same journey as you as always. So while these pages are private to you and can only be seen by you, we might quote or share what you have shared with us. So if you want something to be completely private, don't share it at all is usually the best answer.

Just know that this, as with everything here at Kjrsos, everything is in a state of evolution.

The edition of the book, the page you read today will be different than the edition that you read tomorrow. Because it was understood from the very beginning that once the first full edition of the first book was done that now it needed you. That what you would bring would change what was here. So rather than wasting more time on rewriting and perfecting what was here, we pass this on to you so that your questions and your insights can help us create the next edition and together, we can create something beautiful and amazing together. The next edition of 'So That We Can See.' Maybe note the emphasis on 'we.'

And perhaps you can begin to understand just how different this Kjrsos Experience is going to be. First, a book that is not meant to be read but to be experienced.
But more than that, just think how unique is a book that cannot be completed until you become a part of it?

So now, we have given you a book to read before you read the book that was here to read to start with. Completely strange, I realize but no stranger than what you are going to find next. It was the strangeness that made it so I couldn't just walk away and why I am here with you years later.

Just remember this is your own personal journey. Which will be unique to you. And your insights will be different, and what you see might be as well. And when you share your insights, you will help the rest of us and honour us as well.