So we will give a mini-course on Quantum Wakening, hoping that is enough. The mini-course part, I mean. As Quantum Wakening is more than enough on its own, actually almost frightening in its power.

Frightening on days where thoughts and answers come flooding in so hard and fast that hours later when they finally begin to slow down, you feel a headache coming on, as if everything that is you has been run through the wringer of an ancient washing machine. Twisted and flattened until there is no juice left to squeeze out, and all you want to do is close your eyes and rest. But I wouldn't worry about that right now, because it takes time to develop this new skill. Although there are those who already meditate who might be ahead of the game. Although I am not sure of that quite yet. It will be interesting to discover if their practice has helped them by developing certain skills or if because they have honed those skills in a certain way that it is harder on them in another.

So here perhaps is the first lesson. What you might not yet understand. That there are two components that each are equally important while seemingly diametrically opposite to each other.

While so different, they are equally important and not to respect that, means that you will never experience what another can, what you could have.

You will hear us talking about how this is your journey.

Your personal journey that no one else can know where it will lead because it is yours to experience. You are unique in so many different ways. Which is one of the important reasons for all of us to stay humble in what another's experience can teach us.

Yet you will also hear us speak about we and us, as if we are all in this together, difficult to comprehend how both can be true at the same time perhaps.

What you are about to experience can only be as powerful as you let it and part of that is to follow your own personal journey, but another part will depend on the joy and love and support you bring, your ability to be open and vulnerable, to work in truth and utter honesty while others support you, as you have to joyfully and lovingly support them, with no judgement on your part.

So we hope you take this opportunity to be true to you. To share your vulnerabilities. To share the truth that is in you. To share your strength. To share your insights so that others can learn from you.

Just remember, yes, this is your journey, but also perhaps remember this is our journey as well. Everything that you decide not to share will diminish the experience for the rest of us.

Everything that is in you to share will make what comes, amazing and wonderful and powerful.