♔ Kjrsos Dressage Study | A Demanding Commitment

This level of riding is not a requirement of Kjersos. It requires a horse and rider that can work together for years, every single day with perhaps an occasional day off, where the horse becomes the ultimate athlete, at the very top of his athletic ability, systematically built up, so that bone, muscle and sinew can support the excessive demands of this level.

It is presented here for those who feel they want to make the effort, knowing that this is a long journey, one for whatever reason your horse might not be able to complete. But this is never about completion. It is always about the journey.

While this may not be part of your journey, this area of study is invaluable if it can help you realize that the journey is in some ways a straight line. How we can build up each element which naturally leads to the next.

This study is especially invaluable to realize when certain aspects of horsemanship, that many people try to force during the beginning of their interaction with their horses, not realizing that certain elements are not things you train, they just are.

To think otherwise is not to understand what these elements are. Where they come from. And where they live in the horse's body.


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Further Studies

In this section include the ribbon exercise, piaffe pirouette through the center, combined with the four track shoulder-in both ways.

This is not something you do, this is something you find.  You can find it because it now exists.  All the work that you have done to now, creating a horse that is now balanced, equal, in carriage, in flexibility, in bend.  Equal capabilities gives you straightness.