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What is Resistance of Weight Anyway?

A resistance of weight is that experience that we feel sometimes when we take up the rein, and we feel this ponderous weight on our hand, a resistance to the rein, which can feel like a lack of give from the horse to us. But it is probably a mistake to call it a resistance.   

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The Lie: The Horse is Resisting You

Losing the Rein Effect

What happens when the effect of a rein is disconnected, removed from the horse's body?

Disconnecting the Rein Effect

What happens when we take a connection away?  

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A Crisis of Faith

What the heck is going on and why isn't this working? These were the two questions I had when I started.We have built a world built upon the concepts of science. Believing that knowledge holds all the answers. What we can prove has become our new god. So then why wasn't this working? This was the question that drove me mad wondering. Because knowledge is worthless if nothing happens afterwards. 


Sharing a moment of perfection with your horse, if only for a few strides. That is what we want for you. But not only in your imagination.