Volume 1

Our Premiere Issue

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Bringing forward ideas, questions, concepts and asking ourselves can we do better?  Is there something that we are missing? Agree or disagree, we hope to inspire the conversation.  Here at Kjrsos, we live in a constant state of discovery, where we challenge ourselves every day over everything, everything we ourselves thought or ever believed to be true. Because that is what the horses have challenged us to do. 

I have spent countless hours struggling with terminology, with those silly things that we call words, and nowhere more so then what to call those who we would typically call Instructors/Teachers or Students/Riders.
If for no other reason then not everyone who participates is a rider. Many of the programs that we present here we use the horse as a facilitator, knowing how in his presence, we have a powerful tool that provides us with so many opportunities, especially in a mindfulness program. And those that participate may never climb onto the horse's back. So if you are not on his back, you are what? Most would say that is not what I would consider a rider.

The Lie: The Horse is Resisting You

What is Resistance of Weight Anyway?

A resistance of weight is that experience that we feel sometimes when we take up the rein, and we feel this ponderous weight on our hand, a resistance to the rein, which can feel like a lack of give from the horse to us. But it is probably a mistake to call it a resistance. Although that is what it is.

This is a challenge of how we think of ourselves in relationship to our horses.

Do we think of ourselves as... Riders?
Friends? or... Something else?

We are by no means ready and yet...

The one thing that you need to understand is that Kjrsos is much the same as any creative endeavour, that it has its own path that we cannot yet foresee. When you become a part of this incredible journey, you might be hoping to come to a place with all the answers in place. But in no way is the Kjrsos Guide Program feature complete. Kjrsos is in its infancy with a long way to go.

Kjrsos is unlike other centers of learning where they try to teach you facts complete like 2+2=4. Because here at Kjrsos, we are always searching for answers and for new questions. For things that we don't yet understand or see. Kjrsos is the process of seeing, of growing, of becoming more and by that very definition, can never claim to have the answers because to say we have the answers is to say we don't have more questions to search for.

Kjrsos is a place of discovery, which is wonderful and beautiful and awesome, but it means that we can never claim to have the answers because we know we are going to learn something new tomorrow that we don't know yet today.

It is in the known of tomorrow that we live in, when we live in the unknown of today when we know to play with questions in this day. I wish with all my heart I could give you what Kjrsos will be 10 years from now, but we are not there yet. And this statement is timeless; whatever day, hour, year you read this, I will be saying the exact same thing I know. I wish with all my heart I could give you what Kjrsos will be 10 years from now. I struggle knowing that in my heart, whatever year, whatever time you come to us, I will feel like I have failed you because what I offer you is incomplete.

And now in this moment especially so, because there are literally thousands of courses and classes that have yet to be written, edited, filmed and so I know I am not ready yet for you. But I also know that the longer that time goes on, the more I see that needs to be done, the more questions I find, even if along the way, I am finding a few new answers.

Some might think the smart answer would be to finish that which is known to spend less time on the questions that haunt me. But I know what I already know will be changed by the answers that we find. I have come to an awareness of how the future shapes the past, how future answers change my perspective, presentation and awareness of what I think I know now. And it is the answers in the future that shape what Kjrsos is and will become.